October 8-12

Please continue to sell fruit and get classroom due’s paid.

Class Band Auditions are coming up on November 13th.  Be practicing your etudes and preparing your scales.

Our Holiday Concert will be on December 1st. All band selections for the concert will be finalized in the next few weeks.


October 1st -5th

Honor Band /All State students please continue to prepare audition material for the auditions held on December 11th at North Cobb High School.

All Band students should be preparing the Class Band Audition Etudes and Scales.

Audition Etudes and all requirement information in located in red folder at the from of the band room. These audition are very important. Please put your best effort in preparing all the material so we can accurately access your ability and your areas where you need improvement.



All band members, please get class room fee’s paid as soon as possible. We need to be able to provide sectional coach instruction.

All band members need to continue practice their 12 major scales, and chromatic scale. Scales are the fundamental building blocks to all music.

ALL STATE/Honor band money is due by MONDAY 9/17. Etudes and scale requirements can be found on GMEA.org


August 13-24

All Bands are off to a good start.

Concert band and Symphonic band need to review all scale studies and work to increase their ability to play 2 more major scales.

Please remember to always keep your instrument in a locker that is locked.

Instrument maintenance is vital to the life of the instrument. Please help us take care of all instruments.

Get you band fee’s paid as soon as you can to enable us to provide classroom instructors for each section.

August 1st to August 10th


All bands classes will be assigning lockers/instruments

Syllabi will be distributed and classroom procedures rules/expectations will be discussed.

All students should take great care of school instruments with regular maintenance and keeping instruments in cases locked in their assigned lockers.

Please try to get your classroom fee’s of $75 paid as soon as possible to allow us to have funds to fix school instructs and hire classroom instructors.